Friday, 7 October 2011

Best Mehndi Designs

Best Mehndi Designs
Mehndi is the old tradition for girls on the occasion of Shaadi and Eid.  Kids, Teen Girls even women love to design good mehndi on their hands and feet. Every one like to have beautiful design and unique one from otherThere four major designs are used now a days for Eid and Shaadi mehndi. Girls try to buy mehndi designs book to copy that designs. Many designs are very easy but some designs re very complex to draw them on hand or feet.

We have make collection of simple and beautiful mehndi designs for girls and women. These designs are taken from above four mentioned categories.

Mehndi Designs are also know as Hennah Designs. There is not difference between them.  On Eid, Kids, Girls with their friends gathered and make mehndi designs one day before eid dayThis back hand mehndi style have boxes style mehndi and mixture of round and texture style. This mehndi pattern is also filling the fingers of Arabic girls and looking beautiful.

This beautiful mehndi design which covers half arm with bangles styleAs mehndi trend is famous not only in Asia (South Asia) but also have it's own value in western countries named as tattoo (Tattoo Mehndi). It's also a form of mehndi but may not drawn with mehndi (liquid mehndi) because the mehndi manufacturing companies introduces some paints, Stickers and other liquids in form of mehndi so that it can easily remove. This mehndi design have floral work with leaf (Leafs) which covering not only feet but also legs. Mostly young girls (college girls) are using these types of mehndi design for special events.
It's an elegant mehndi design may also come in top mehndi designs. This sober mehendi design is a simple design and looking gorgeous on this pretty feet.


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